Career Keywords


If a person's "astro-sentences" is strong in one "keyword", this indicates the person's skills best fit with a career represented by that "keyword". Below are a listing of careers which fit well with the "keywords". The more emphasis a person's "astro-sentences" have on a certain "keyword", the more likely it is that one of these careers listed with that "keyword" would be of interest to that person.

  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "being": police officer, fire fighter, stunt person, ambulance driver, soldier, iron or steel worker, athlete, foundry worker, metal worker, manufacturer
  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "physical": farmer, landscape gardener, construction worker, carpenter, forest ranger, accountant, architect, hotelier, bank manager, singer, horticulturist, builder, sculptor, surveyor, auctioneer, property dealer, financier, banker, chiropractic, massage therapist, butcher, builder, minerologist, surveyor, gardner, financial adviser
  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "thinking": journalist, writer, telesales executive, sales representative, orator, railroad conductor, sales person, broadcaster, commentator, lecturer, writer, linguist, shop assistant, chauffeur, light manual labor, craftsman, telephone operator, postman, navigator, comedian, auto mechanic, professional driver, truck driver, cab driver
  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "home": domestic help, hotelier, caterer, plumber, antique collector, furniture restorer, real estate agent, caterer, domestic science specialist, antique dealer, museum curator, historian, interior decorator, home help, politician, cook

  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "self-expression": model, fashion designer, film director, artist, musician, agent, actor, children's teacher, youth worker, entertainer, circus performer, jeweler

  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "daily work": filing clerk, estimator, domestic help, writer, draughtsman, nutritionist, secretary, analyzer, statistician, inspector, nurse, receptionist. shopkeeper

  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "relationships": florist, artist, air steward, beauty consultant, hair dresser, arbitrator, counselor, media representative, presenter, beautician, hair dresser, milliner, diplomat

  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "transformation": stockbroker, private detective, gynecologist, surgeon, midwife, psychiatrist, alternative therapist, undertaker, psychologist, pathologist, sewage worker, insurance, researcher, tax official, healer

  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "expansion": travel representative, croupier, marketing, humorist, teacher, professor, lecturer, philosopher, lawyer, judge, interpreter, veterinarian, animal trainer, explorer, sportsman, jockey, publisher, librarian, book seller, cartographer

  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "duty": traffic warden, executive, engineer, osteopath, dentist

  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "friends": scientist, alternative therapist, sociologist, charity worker, mathematician, inventor, radiographer, television worker, astrologer, astronomer, archaeologist, humanitarian, civil servant, airport worker

  • "astro-sentences" with a lot of "spirituality": dancer, poet, shoe business, fisherman, doctor, hypnotist, pharmacist, illusionist, photographer, priest, prison work, psychic medium, missionary, nun

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