How to Find the Sign of a Planet

It might be difficult in Astrodienst and other astrology programs to find the sign of a planet when the sign picture is not next to the planet picture, so an explanation is needed. There are 30 degrees per sign, this is indicated in the Astrodienst chart above by the sign picture in the outer ring of the chart. Find the sign by seeing which planet is in the 30 degree area of the sign picture. In the above example,

are all in the sign

Finding the correct sign in a chart such as this can become confusing: for example, in the picture above it seems

are in another sign. The way to find the correct sign for a planet is to look at the numbers next to the planet. Remember, there are 30 degrees in a sign. Since

are 10 degrees, 11 degrees, 13 degrees, 14 degrees, 20 degrees, and 21 degrees, they all have to be in the same sign. That sign is because most of the planets are clearly shown as being in that sign. Check the chart carefully to make sure that all the planets which appear to be in a sign are actually in that sign.

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